Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Logo for Federation of Women Contractors (FWC)

On top of trying to get ads, brochures, and biz cards done, I've been spending time here and there working on a logo for the FWC. Not to rip on the previous design (lie), but it was pretty bad. 'Though a valiant effort, it failed to convey any idea of the industry it was representing, which is a shame given that this is an awesome group of dedicated women. It's not completely finished yet, but the image above gives a pretty good idea of what they wanted and what I was able to do with it. I'm a little worried it might be a little busy, but so far it looks like it's reproducing well when scaled down. The skyline reads as Chicago (for those who know it) and the cranes look like cranes. I may be mocking a different version, so I'll post that if it materializes.

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