Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Sketch

Initially, I thought I'd be able to embed larger files, but I guess this is as big as it gets, so, I'll just include details:) At any rate, this is my first sketch entry.

A few weeks again, Moon, my brother, asked me to sketch up a few different trees for a tattoo. Although I really like this tree, I don't think I'm going to ink this in for his tattoo. From what Moon described, the tree should bend a little more to the right - a lil' bonsai-y. Despite not using it for the tattoo, I think I might still use this for either my ABC book (hence the Tt), or a silk screen poster/tshirt - which I've already gotten a request for. I suppose if nothing else, I enjoyed drawing a kick ass tree, wrought from the depths of my imagination.


erik said...

that tree looks so good it got me pregnant

Caryn said...

Hey, you posted that on my day of birth. I think birthday common law dictates you give me ownership of this piece of art, prefereably surrounded by four thin strips of mohagany wood.